The use of a Related Finance Company (RFC) is a common practice in the Use Car Industry. Much attention has been focused on the tax savings and tax deferral aspects for establishing a related finance company. Although the tax savings provided by this structure are important and should not be ignored, the ability to raise capital with an RFC is the real motivator!

Establishing an RFC involves many complex IRS rules and regulations requiring specialized knowledge and experience. Ken Shilson, CPA and President has pioneered the strategy and developed a “kit” to help you properly create and implement your own RFC efficiently and cost effectively.

The kit includes:

  1. A 30-minute explanatory video on DVD
  2. Over 60 minutes of answers to more than 100 of the best questions we have received
  3. Workbook materials containing sample agreements, accounting / tax elections, IRS regulations and audit guide, technical rulings and explanations.
  4. Much, much more!

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