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What is Subprime Analytics

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There is an old saying – “How do you know where you are going, if you don’t know where you have been?” This is particularly the in the buy here, pay here industry when evaluating the collection performance of your installment contract portfolio.

The economics of the BHPH business have changed dramatically over the last few years. Today operators are putting more “money on the street” than ever before with each sale. The business is extremely capital intensive and operators can’t afford to repeat underwriting mistakes that will cost millions of dollars!

Subprime Analytics was designed to analyze your portfolio performance efficiently and cost-effectively using data mining and extraction technology.

Our analysis provides the following important benefits:

    1. It independently provides credible performance metrics (both static pool and loss to liquidation calculations) for capital providers thereby giving you access to additional capital.
    2. The product enables us to “drill down” into your portfolio data and evaluate your underwriting practices, the vehicles you are selling, and the customers who are buying them.
    3. Our analysis computes the portfolio return (RIO) on your investment and compares the cash efficiency of your business model with your peers. You maybe profitable, but is your business model cash efficient?
    4. The analysis results can be used to create your own credit scoring and underwriting guidelines or you can utilize our companion web based credit scoring system – Profit Max.

If you are a capital provider:

    1. Subprime Analytics can be used for due diligence studies and portfolio performance monitoring
    2. The analysis provide independent verification of the data you rely on in granting, a line of credit or when acquiring contracts
    3. “Analytics” is the only accepted method of evaluating portfolio performance.

If your competition is using Subprime Analytics to improve their underwriting, shouldn’t you analyze your own portfolio today?

Subprime Analytics Sample Report

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