Consulting Questionnaire

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QUESTIONNAIRE  Download Questionnaire Click Here

Let us help you increase your cash flow and capital by answering the questions below and emailing them to,

or fax to (713) 680-2474. We will review your answers and discuss them with you in a no-obligation, no-cost, confidential call.


Tell us about your business model: Average ACV: $__________.  Average Term: __________ months.

Average Amount Financed: $__________.  Average Sale Price: $__________.  Average Down Payment: $__________

How many lots do you have? (check one)   ¨ One   ¨ Two   ¨ Three   ¨ More: __________

Have you made any changes to your business model in the last three years? ¨ Yes   ¨ No

Where are you located? City: _________________________________        State: __________

How long have you been in business? Years: __________

Do you do BHPH exclusively? (check one)  ¨ Yes   ¨ No

2. ABOUT YOUR SALES (check one)

Has your sales volume ¨ INCREASED or ¨ DECREASED during the last year?

Have you added new lots during the last 24 months? ¨ Yes   ¨ No

Have you ¨ INCREASED or ¨ DECREASED your down payments during the last 2 years?

Have you ¨ INCREASED or ¨ DECREASED your sales prices during the last 2 years?

Have you ¨ INCREASED or ¨ DECREASED your ACV during the last 2 years?

Has your competition ¨ INCREASED or ¨ DECREASED during the last year?

How many vehicles do you currently sell per month, on average? __________

3. YOUR DMS SYSTEM (insert)

What software system do you use? _________________________________________________________

How long have you used it? Years: __________

Have you changed systems? (check one)   ¨ Yes   ¨ No

If you changed systems, did you convert both active and charged-off accounts? (check one)   ¨ Yes   ¨ No


Have your monthly portfolio collections ¨ INCREASED or ¨ DECREASED during the last year?

Have your delinquencies ¨ INCREASED or ¨ DECREASED during the last year?

Have your repos ¨ INCREASED or ¨ DECREASED during the last year?

Do you have internal metrics like static pool, CRR, loss/litigation and default rate data? ¨ Yes   ¨ No

Has your portfolio ¨ INCREASED or ¨ DECREASED during the last 2 years?

5. WHAT DO YOU NEED THE MOST? (check one)

Is your primary need to: ¨ increase cash flow? ¨ raise outside capital?

¨ develop benchmark metrics? ¨ all of these?


Contact Name: ___________________________________ Company Name: ____________________________________

Address: ___________________________________ City: _________________________ State: _____ Zip: __________   

Email address: _____________________________________________________________________________________

Best telephone number: ( ________ ) _________________________ Best day: _____________ Best time: ____________

Where the Subprime Industry Goes for Answers!


Email this questionnaire to or fax to (713) 680-2474.


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