About Us

Subprime Analytics was developed to analyze your portfolio performance using data mining and extraction technology. This product enables us to “drill down” into your portfolio data to evaluate your underwriting practices, the vehicles you are selling, and the customers who are buying your vehicles. Our process includes inspecting, interpreting and modeling your data with the goal of highlighting useful information, suggesting conclusions, and supporting important decision making that affects the profitability of your business.

Why You Need Subprime Analytics

The economics of the buy here, pay here industry have changed dramatically over the last several years. Today, operators are putting more money on the street with each sale. As a result, you can’t afford to make underwriting mistakes which cost you millions of dollars!

What Subprime Analytics does…

  • Performs Static Pool and Loss to Liquidation performance metrics
  • Calculates the return on your portfolio investment
  • Shows you how much of your profit you really collect
  • Graphs loss trends to help you identify meaningful patterns
  • Stratifies your losses so you can understand them
  • Benchmarks your portfolio results against a credible national database
  • Interfaces with all dealer software applications
  • Identifies specific ways you can improve your underwriting
  • Helps you raise capital and projects future cash flow and profitability

Don’t lose millions by trial and error. Contact us today for a no-obligation consultation.

Let Subprime Analytics “Show You the Money”!


Who We Are:

Our staff includes trained professionals with extensive financial analysis and technology experience. They have extensive experience in performing financial and operational analysis of subprime portfolios, both large and small. These individuals are trained in the use of data mining and extraction technology to maximize efficiency and minimize your cost. They also evaluate the differing policies and practices that affect portfolio performance results! Contact us for a no obligation consultation.

Kenneth B. Shilson, CPA, is President of Subprime Analytics. Ken has helped pioneer an IRS approved tax strategy for “Buy Here / Pay Here” dealers regarding the use of a related finance company. He has authored numerous articles on accounting, tax and other matters related to the used car industry. He has also been a speaker at numerous automotive national conferences and conventions. He is a member of the A.I.C.P.A., the T.S.C.P.A., and the litigation services committee of the Houston Chapter of the T.S.C.P.A. Ken is a graduate of Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, a member of N.I.A.D.A, H.I.A.D.A, T.I.A.D.A., and the founder of NABD, the largest special interest group for the Buy Here, Pay Here Industry.

Jon Moreland

Jon M. Moreland III, CPA, has been with Subprime Analytics since its inception. He is an expert in data mining and extraction and has over 15 years of experience in evaluating BHPH underwriting policies and practices. Jon has developed the proprietary scripts for analyzing BHPH portfolio performance.