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Engage us and provide us with your payment files, and charge-off data. We download this information from your DMS system automatically.We screen the data for exceptions.We send the exceptions to you for discussion or resolution.We confirm data totals with you before running the analysisWe obtain via questionairee the policies and practices used to generate the data
We will analyze this data, stratify and graph your losses so that you can finally understand them clearly. We prepare a comprehensive report which helps you understand your losses.Our report will identify what is working and what is not.You don’t have to be a CPA, or analyst to understand it.The report shows you loss patterns and changes in trends.Our report can be used to adjust underwriting or to create a custom credit scoring system.
You will receive an independent analysis report with credible metrics. We have relationships with most of the major capital providers.The capital markets veiw our metrics as a credible performance measurment of your portfolio.We dicuss the performance with you so that you can understand the results.Additional consultation services if you ever require them.Making trial and error mistakes is expensive. We will show you $$$!
The use of a Related Finance Company (RFC) is a common practice in the Use Car Industry. Much attention has been focused on the tax savings and tax deferral aspects for establishing a related finance company. Although the tax savings provided by this structure are important and should not be ignored, the ability to raise capital with an RFC is the real motivator! Establishing an RFC involves many complex IRS rules and regulations requiring specialized knowledge and experience. Ken Shilson, CPA and President has pioneered the strategy and developed a “kit” to help you properly create and implement your own RFC efficiently and cost effectively.
There is an old saying – “How do you know where you are going, if you don’t know where you have been?” This is particularly the in the buy here, pay here industry when evaluating the collection performance of your installment contract portfolio. The economics of the BHPH business have changed dramatically over the last few years. Today operators are putting more “money on the street” than ever before with each sale. The business is extremely capital intensive and operators can’t afford to repeat underwriting mistakes that will cost millions of dollars! Subprime Analytics was designed to analyze your portfolio performance efficiently and cost-effectively using data mining and extraction technology.
With more than 70 years of collective experience our professional staff can fulfill your consulting needs. Our services are designed to complement, not replace, those of your internal staff and other outside professionals such as your attorneys or CPA’s. Our extensive knowledge of the BHPH industry and our proprietary Subprime Analytics software can identify areas for performance improvement efficiently and effectively.
For more than 10 years, Subprime Analytics has conducted due diligence, portfolio monitoring, and agreed upon procedures engagement for more than 30 capital providers to the subprime auto industry. Our proprietary data mining and extraction technology is a cost effective way to examine databases large and small. The results from our computerized analysis can be used to customize the scope of each engagement. See below for a sample Due Diligence program. Contact us today for a free no-obligation consultation. Extensive references are available upon request.
Building a successful business model requires projecting future cash requirements and cash flow. Your capital requirements must be identified in advance to determine what the best business model is for you. If you have no previous BHPH experience we can use our proprietary industry benchmarks and loss curves to forecast your future results. These projections are an integral part of your business plan and can be used as an initial budget. Don’t guess what is needed to enter the industry. Project your needs accurately and cost effectively. We can help you get on the right track!
Our proprietary analytical techniques allow us to value the assets in your BHPH operation accurately and efficiently. Our historical portfolio performance metrics, loss curves, and industry data allow us to project the performance of your portfolio in valuation engagements. Our BHPH industry experience helps us identify overlooked assts and determine a fair value. Need a valuation for tax purposes? We have considerable expertise in these engagements negotiating a business combination or dissolution. We can help you determine the fair value for your business!

What Subprime Analytics Does…

  • Performs Static Pool And Loss To Liquidation Performance Metrics
  • Calculates The Return On Your Portfolio Investment
  • Shows You How Much Of Your Profit You Really Collect
  • Graphs Loss Trends To Help You Identify Meaningful Patterns
  • Stratifies Your Losses So You Can Understand Them
  • Benchmarks Your Portfolio Results Against A Credible National Database
  • Interfaces With All Dealer Software Applications
  • Identifies Specific Ways You Can Improve Your Underwriting
  • Helps You Raise Capital And Projects Future Cash Flow And Profitability

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